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A self portrait of alunrhys

This is one of several websites under the domain name of Other published sites include 'Poetry, Prose and Literature', 'The Canary Islands', and 'Thailand : The Holiday Destination.' Planned for the future are websites devoted to politics and to astronomy.


But this one is the most special - or least special - depending on how you choose to look on these things. It is my home site with links to all my pages on all the other sites, and it includes some information about them. It is also the website where I write about myself. It's about me!


And that's why everyone else in the world may think it's the least special because - apart from those links to other pages which I really hope you'll look at - it may contain little of interest whatsoever to anyone else, anywhere. However, from my personal perspective it is my most special, because  - and I'll emphasise this one more time - it's about ME. This is my self-indulgent site. This is the one where I write about myself, my life, my thoughts, my feelings.


The three main sections in the site menu at the top of the page:

 1)  'On This Site' There are a few articles here which reveal details such as my musical tastes, my hobbies and interests, my relationships and indeed anything else about my life which my friends or family and will permit me to disclose without slapping me. Also in this section there are pages which explore the whole concept of internet writing, how I became involved in it and why I am now creating websites, such as this one.


 2)  'My Blog' I will also be producing a blog, predictably labelled on the menu as 'My Blog' - albeit labelled as such, very much under protest. I call it 'My Blog' because that's what we're supposed to call these things. But really, what exactly is the difference between a blog and a diary? Why are these occasional musings not simply described as diary entries? 'Diary' is after all a far more established and traditional term so why has it been ditched and replaced with what is surely one of the ugliest-sounding words ever conjured up in the English language? 'Producing a blog' sounds more like a description of a successful bowel movement than a description of a work of deep thought and creativity, which is what a diary can be and should be. So that's the first thing you've learned something about me - I tend to react a little against the advance of computer-speak. I will occasionally write something under 'My Blog' though at the time of writing the first draft of this introduction (2018) I've no idea what, or how often; that will be determined by whether I've got anything worth saying, and whether anybody out there is reading.

 3)  'Links To My Other Websites' If you wish to skip 'My Blog', and bypass all the personal stuff under the 'On This Site' tab, I'll be OK with that, accepting as I do that my life experiences may not be as intensely interesting to you as they are to me. They are not the main purpose of this website. Do however, please take a look at the links to my other websites. There you will find information as to what I'm writing about on the pages of each of my other sites. My interests are hugely varied so I'm sure that sooner or later you will find something worth reading. I hope so. Because there's no point in me writing it otherwise.

Anyway that is what this website is all about. Please take a look and tell me what you think, either here, or on another page, or on one of my other websites. Cheers. Alun

I’d Love to Hear Your Comments. Thanks, Alun

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