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Achievements, hobbies and interests - things I've done and things I haven't done. In some ways it's been a strange and unusual life, and in some ways a dull one. But I'm selling myself on this page as unusual - not as dull!

'Remembering Mum and Dad : A Brief History of Me' is a record of my parents' influence on my life; how it has affected my development and made me the person I am today - for good and bad.

I love compiling lists, and this is just a selection of a few of my favourites - favourite films, TV programmes, musical genres, food and drink and miscellaneous other things. Plus one or two hates. Pure self-indulgence !

The 8 pieces of music I would have to take with me if I were to be stranded on a desert island - and the reasons why.

Why write on the internet? Starting out on the internet can be quite a rollercoaster journey, and this is an account of some of the potential pitfalls and rewards, as told from a personal perspective. How and why did I ever get started on this venture?

'HubPages' - My experiences of the advantages and disadvantages of publishing your first ever internet articles on a content creation site.

On the occasion of my one millionth web page view, a review of how it all came about and its significance - if any.


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