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A Brief Update

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

It's been a while since I opened up my third website (the homesite which you are now on) and nothing has been done since then - only one new blog entry, no new articles, and no new websites to write about. There has been a hiatus in getting a fourth web site published, partly due to my own dithering about the subject matter it should cover, but also because other events in my life have frankly taken precedence (I am after all, only an amateur writer). Those other events mainly revolve around trying to get a visa for my Thai fiancee to visit England, as well as tidying and renovating the house in preparation for that anticipated visit - a major operation for a bachelor such as myself, living alone, not worrying too much about home decor, and useless at DIY!

The visit, and the first impressions my fiancee has of the UK, may one day form the focus of some further jottings. But in the meantime I do hope that I will finally publish my fourth website in the reasonably near future - maybe early July? - and I have finally decided that it will quite appropriately be a travel guide to Thailand - a country which I have visited many times. I am now in the process of compiling it.

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