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Just Rediscovering This Website - And a Hope for the Future

It has been a long long time since I last wrote here. Indeed it's been a long long time since I last visited these websites of mine with any degree of enthusiasm whatsoever. October 2020 was the last time I wrote a blog here, and it was a depressing blog which makes depressing reading even today. At the time, I described 2020 as 'A Year of Depression'. I wrote about Covid-19, my self-isolation, and the virtual hermit-like existence which I lived throughout the year, and the ruination of marriage plans to my Thai fiancée Wanna. I also wrote - deja vu here - of the fact that I'd done nothing on my websites for 9 months - the consequence of depression and loss of motivation. It's now been a further 10 months and nothing has changed. But Covid is now largely under control in this country (the UK) and I must get on with my life, or life will not be worth living. Because of travel restrictions, I have not seen my fiancée in person since November 2019, but that cannot continue. I am desperate. Of course we text almost every day and I see her on video 2 or 3 times each week, but that is not enough. It is time for her to come here again and we are hoping we can do that this autumn. Much more will be written about that if and when it happens, though maybe under the sub headings 'My Life' and 'Thoughts and Feelings', because it's nothing directly to do with my writing. The reason I am writing a blog post today is because with the prospect of a brighter future, I am trying once more to rekindle my enthusiasm for these web sites of mine. During the past week I have been reading through the pages of this home site, checking grammar, slightly amending layout here and there, and start publishing again. If I can do that, and maybe start advertising them on social media and Google once more, then I can get more traffic and that will in turn generate my enthusiasm for writing once again.

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