• alunrhys

A New Website! Thailand : The Holiday Destination

My fourth website is now up and running, albeit nearly a year after its original intended appearance! Published on 30th March - one day short of one year after my third website - this one is all about Thailand. I have visited Thailand many many times - the consequence of having a Thai girlfriend - and so it is a country I know quite well, though I would not claim to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Thai. The website therefore is a pot-pourri of sights and experiences, anything which takes my fancy, and anything which I feel I can write about with some authority. Treat it like a magazine full of hopefully interesting articles, rather than a guidebook. It is my most ambitious site so far - 19 feature essays - and it's full of my own photos, and it will be added to as and when I have the time. I hope if you have any interest in that part of the world or intend to visit there soon, you will take a look. Thailand : The Holiday Destination is my link to my fourth website.


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