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An Offer Of A Script Writing Job!!??

Wow! I am writing these web pages and compiling these websites and I am happy doing that. But so far I am not making any money and I am not making my name. Almost no one is reading. I am therefore open to offers. Just recently a New York based Indian creative director contacted me to say he had read one of my articles on HubPages and purely based on the favourable impression he'd gained from that article, he said he'd like to consider me for collaboration as script writer on a new series he is planning for possible Netflix broadcast. The article was about the history of the swastika and the absolute disparity between how that symbol is viewed in the west (evil) and the way it is viewed in eastern religions (sacred). The Netflix series would be about the quest by a young Indian woman seeking knowledge about the swastika. It sounds like a golden opportunity. The trouble is, script writing is way out of my comfort zone, and the series - based on an introductory video clip he sent me - appears to be Bollywood in style. It may be beyond me, but I certainly don't want to dismiss the opportunity out of hand. It's the best offer on paper that I've ever received. I'll keep you posted. 🤔


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