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Brexit ... And a Politics Website

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

One regret I have at the slow progress in creating and publishing my websites is that one of the most interesting peace-time periods in our political history has almost passed me by without me stating my views. Islamic State, Donald Trump, and most of all Brexit, are all issues I would have liked to comment on and to this end, my fifth website will be on the subject of politics and philosophy. But it should have been open to view in 2018. I have no idea when it will now be published but it is a work in progress - I just hope it will see the light of day before all the excitement has gone out of Brexit! 🙂 More about this when it is nearing completion. All of my first twelve blogs, regardless of content, have been posted here under all three group headings which I've entitled 'My Life', 'My Writing' and 'Thoughts and Feelings', because I thought it would be worthwhile building up an introductory body of blogs in each category as quickly as possible. From now on, however, I will be more judicious in my selection of which category to post in.

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