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Happiness does NOT Lead to Productive Writing!

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Not much attention has been paid to my websites in recent weeks. The reason is clear; I have a fiancee and she is here in England, and I have to devote all my attention to her. Everything is going very well in our relationship - at least until my natural pessimism kicks in and I begin to worry about our future together. That worry is certainly not based on how we interact together, nor upon our intentions or feelings towards each other - we are blissfully happy. The worry is based purely upon the issues of age difference, the cultural and social differences which Wanna will face in the future, and the enormous responsibilities which I will be taking on, if and when we marry - responsibilities the like of which I have never faced in my life before. Still, for now I will try to keep the worries at bay and just enjoy the happiness!! 🙂

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