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My Fiancee Returns To Thailand

On Monday 18th, my fiancee Wanna returned home to Thailand after a second six month visit to England on a tourist visa. Last time she did this - one year ago - it was hard because we were boyfriend and girlfriend. This time it is harder, because after spending so much time together, we feel like husband and wife. We did everything together during her visit, and now she has gone, the house seems empty. Something is missing in my life. I don't like it. But what I really don't like is not so much the separation, which of course I have become used to over the years. but rather the worry. Every day I will worry about her and she will worry about me. Our relationship is special and fairly unique given our cultural differences, and our ages (she is exactly half my age). We know we are happy together, we have talked about all possible obstacles to our happiness, and we are realistic. BUT we can no longer think of being apart. I hope and trust this will be our last long time separation - we will meet again in Thailand in four months time, and then we plan to marry in the summer. And then - all being well - she will come to England as my wife. Next year may well be the most special of my entire life. ❤️

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