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My Fiancee's Visit - and a Hiatus in my Writing - Are Over (Part 1)

My fiancee arrived in England on 7th July this year. She came on a six month visa and yesterday she had to go home as her tourist visa was in imminent danger of expiring. I cannot say anything much about her visit, because it would be wrong to do so without her permission. Relationships are private. Maybe one day ours will form the basis of a web page, or maybe some short essays or even poems, but that will be for her to decide another time. Suffice it to say, the visit to England went better than I think either of us could have hoped, and I look forward to her coming here again in the not too distant future. I hope also that one day our engagement will be transformed into something more permanent. My thanks to Wanna for making me happy during her time here ❤️ Now however, I feel lonely in a silent house, and that is not a good feeling. I think the best course of action rather than to dwell on her absence, will be to occupy my mind and submerse myself in my writing once more.

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