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My Fiancee's Visit - and a Hiatus in my Writing - Are Over (Part 2)

It is a very very long time since I posted anything of substance on this or any of my other websites. I had not intended it to be this way. My first ever website had been published in December 2017, and my second followed soon afterwards in January 2018. The third - this home site - followed on 1st April 2018. I had fully intended writing much more, publishing at least two or three further websites under the alunrhys.com domain name, and maybe several more pages on the three existing sites. I wanted to establish a 'presence' as an Internet writer. But many things intervened, and most important of these was the arrival of my fiancee in July to spend the rest of the year with me here in England. Now, however, she has sadly had to go home at the end of her six month visa, and my time is mine to devote to my websites once more. The hiatus in my writing is finally over. My first task now will be to attend to the sites already published - 'Poetry, Prose and Literature' and 'The Canary Islands', and also this home site - and to update them where necessary and try to ensure that all the constituent 'parts' - links etc - are in working order. Then in the New Year I will hope at last to make further progress on another website - one which I had planned to complete many months ago. When it is published it will be all about the country of Thailand - the home of my fiancee.

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