• alunrhys


Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Finally! I am happy to promote my three websites more extensively on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Although I have sporadically and half-heartedly done this promotion on social media before, I have until now been quite reluctant due to my embarrassment at the perceived lack of quality and professionalism of the layouts. Having recently spent a considerable length of time trying to improve the sites to ensure they look good both on desktops and smart phones and on every device in between, I am now satisfied that they are as good as I can currently make them (given my very low level of competence at internet publishing). The last few days have been spent trying to set up Google advertising on these sites. I thought I had already done this successfully, as I reported in the last blog post, but recently reviewing two of the sites made clear that they were not being properly recognised by Google. Where there should have been adverts, there were blank spaces. This is important not least because it made the pages look unprofessional. But also it will cost me several hundred pounds each year to keep these sites online and I need to recoup at least some of that money. Google adverts bring in mere pin money to sites such as mine, but still it will be of benefit to me. Anyway, I think I have finally managed to solve the problem and there should be several (unobtrusive!) ads on each page from now on.


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