• alunrhys

Two Short Stories Published in an Online Magazine

Today I received notification that two of my 50-word mini-stories 'What's An Alien?' and 'The Gambler's Sin' have been published in an online magazine. The magazine is called 'The Love, Hope & Peace Journal' and it features a pot-pourri of stories, artwork, poems, craft articles and photography. It is only Issue 3 of this brand new publication, but it looks to be a very beautifully put together piece of work which may be worth checking out.

The editor, Sophie Clausen, had sent me an e-mail asking permission to use the two stories, which of course I granted - because it's just great to see your own work professionally published! 🙂 The Journal can be seen at 'ISSUU'. All my other 50-word mini-stories are on my 'Poetry, Prose and Literature' website. Hope it's not the last time one of my stories gets picked up by another publisher!!


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