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Work in Progress on a Fourth Website

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Since kick starting my internet writing in December, I have tried to concentrate on ensuring that my already published websites are all in good working order. I have found that they are not. I've realised that in many ways the pages have a very unprofessional look, and in some cases - particularly on smart phone formats - the pages are disorganised.

It does not help that I do not have a smart phone, so checking the readability of the pages in that format has not been easy for me.

Another problem for me has been the setting up of Google advertising on my websites - a necessary thing to do because it costs me money to publish these sites, and I need to try to draw in a little recompense for the work I do. I shall write more about Google advertising in due course. But having devoted several weeks to improving the three websites I'd already published, the good news is that I am now collating articles for my fourth website - a series of pieces all about the nation of Thailand. That will be quite an extensive site, and so it will be a few weeks more before it is online, but things are going well. I will keep you posted.

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